Introduction To Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is a highly popular floor-surface covering which has been in use for hundreds of years. This has to do with its versatility when it comes to design and function, along with its unique natural charm. This provides every installation with a unique beauty and personality.

Hardwoods And Softwoods

1. Hardwood Flooring

The trees that are harvested for hardwood materials grow a lot slower, which makes them far denser, more durable, and stronger when compared to softwoods. These materials are long-lasting and require a lot less maintenance. The durability of each species does vary, which is rated by NOMFA (National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association), using what is known as the Wood Hardness Rating Scale or the Janka wood test, named after Gabriel Janka.

2. Softwood Flooring

This will include materials which are harvested from several tree species. The common options include Cedar, Fir, and Pine. These trees usually mature quickly and they are a lot more abundant. The rapid growth of these trees also means that the wood is less dense, as well as less durable. This often means that these materials are more prone to scratches and dents. These materials are also difficult to refinish because low spots are created rapidly when using a sanding machine.

Regardless of the drawbacks, there are many homeowners that still choose the option of either preserving or exposing softwood floor surfaces around their homes, and these materials offer unique characteristics. This choice in materials is also a more eco-friendly choice as the materials renew rapidly and in most cases are locally sourced.

Here’s how different types of wood get tested and put into categories:

Design Considerations For Hardwood Flooring

Perhaps the most important benefit about choosing hardwood flooring is the fact that it has remained in style. These materials have been in use for centuries, and regardless of the number of changes and shifts in designs and styles, it has stood the test of time, just ask the member of NWFA, the National Wood Flooring Association. Those guys are perhaps the biggest fans of wood floors.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing hardwood flooring for your home:

• Unique

Every board, strip, or plank used for hardwood floor installations is unique and will have its own set of defining colors, and patterns. There are also countless species of imported, domestic, exotic, and common hardwood options, and each has its own characteristics, color, and grain.

• Character

As time goes by wood undergoes a number of changes. It will go through subtle color changes and acquire small dents, nicks, and scratches which accumulate over the surfaces which translates into a very unique personality for each floor. According to a Virginia hardwood flooring company, this character type cannot be purchased, but is attainable as the years of use go by.

• Large Open Spaces

Wood is one of the best flooring materials when it comes to open and large spaces. This has to do with the patterns and grains inside the surface of the wood floors which assist in breaking up the monotony in a room. Hardwood flooring also works well when it comes to infusing design and interest in different spaces.

Prices For Hardwood Flooring

The prices vary significantly when it comes to floors, The reliable and well-known flooring companies are usually focused on selling long-lasting, and quality materials which means they usually charge more. In addition, the harder woods grow for a lot longer, which also makes them more expensive and scarce.


First Day of Flooring School

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I believe that 98% of students are excited on their first day of school. And about 2% are not. But it all depends on what type of school it is.

Most of the flooring school students are excited to know if they would still be in the same class with their previous classmates, and of course, saying hi again to their friends, and spend extra time together during the off time and vacations.

Yet the wait is over the first day of school is soon so mark your calendars and ready your pen.

You can now scape the household chores which is really not so cool and energy-consuming for students.

I also want to share with you a short video of how this student prepares on her first day of school. Even though she’s a girl, it’s still relevant to everyone around who’s around the same age.